Philip Fargher 1661

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Date: 9 August 2020
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Archdeacon Will 1661A #010 Lonan will of Philip Fargher, died 23 March 1660/1: 
Summary: wife Ellin/Nelly Callister is alive, not children were mentioned, sister Elizabeth/Bessy Fargher, sister Ann Fargher, brother William Fargher 
(sons William & Thomas), also: John Callister (left a loom or half a heifer & 2 sheep, & entered a claim for wages), Margaret Cowin, William Caley, 
witnesses: James Moore & Daniel/Donold Kneale, pledges William Kissage & Mallooney Cotteen.
Will of brother: ArW 1685A #01 Lonan will of William Fargher, died 23 January 1685/6: wife is not mentioned, son Thomas (married to Marriad), son William 
(married, son Thomas), niece (sister's daughter) Christian Costeen, witnesses & pledges: Robert Cowin and James Corrin.
Will of nephew: ArW 1687A #02 Lonan of Thomas Fargher, died 10 May 1687: wife Marriad Cowin is alive, brother William Fargher (his son Thomas), Michael 
Hogg, sister in law? Joney Cowin; witnesses: Ewan Gill & Robert Cowin, pledges: John Quark & John -----

Lonnan the 23 of Mrch 1660 (23) This is affirmed to be the last will & testamt: of Phillip Ffargher who depted this liffe ut supra first he comitted his soule to God & his bodie to Xtian buriall; It: to the poore 1 firl: of malt halfe a ferl: of meale & one mutton; It: to his wiffe Ellin Calister 3£ in money & halfe riddinge horse & alsoe all hit pte of ye corne after seeding; It: to his sister Bessie ffargher xxs[10s], & one sheet; It: to his sister Ann ffargher Xxs[10s], & 1 blankett, It: to his brothrs sonn William& Tho: Ffargher 2 sheep, It: to Jo: Calister his loomes or halfe an heiffer 3 yeares past & 2 sheep, It: Mrgt Cowne 1 sheep; It: to Wm Cally one heiffer 3 yeares old at May next It: to ye vicr one mutton, It: he constituted & or= dayned his brother Willm: ffargher son execr: of all ye rest of his goodes moveable & unmoveable whatsoever remains probat est 1s 0d Testes James Moore Solvo tamen vincuig suo jure Donold Knael jurati The Invent of Phillip ffargher priced by 4 swornd men Don: Knael Phillip Calister James Corrin & Willm: Lowny ut sequir: Inprm: all houshould stuffe whatsoever prced ....... 2£ - 12s - 0d Itt: for dj paire of loomes ......................... 0 - 3s - 6d Itt: more for catle & houses & sheep ................ 3£ - 3s - 0d all this Invent is free to ye exec Debts due to ye deceadent from Donold Calister ....... 0£ - 15s - 0 Itt: more of his pcon from ye sd Don: Calister ...... 0 - 15 - 0 Itt: from Hen: hogg for dj beeffe ................... 0 - 0 - 0 Pledges to secure the office sub pena duble the value Willm: Kissagh & Malloney Cottin Joh: Calister entereth his claime against the executors of Phillip Farcher for the some of 1s - 5d due to him of his wages Mar ye 15th 1662: Nelly Calister wiffe of ye testator entereth her claime against ye executors of her husband Phillip ffarcher for the some of -----[torn] of the above said Legasie & not as yet paid & craveth tryall ac cording to Law

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