Averick xxxx alias Quayle 1662

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Date: 3 September 2020
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Archdeacon Will 1661A #057 Ballaugh will of Averick xxxx alias Quayle, died 24 October 1662: 
Summary: husband xxxx is not mentioned, son Philip, dau & executor Catharine, son & executor John; dau Margaret, dau Jane, dau Joney, also Ann Cowley 
(left a kerchief), witnesses: Thomas Teare & Thomas Corlett, pledges: Philip Corlett & Thomas Teare.
Ballaugh parish register:  Averick Quayle  buried 24 October 1662.
NOTE, that Averick's maiden surname is Quayle, per Ballaugh defuncts, but her married surname may also be Quayle.  I base this on the following: Ballaugh 
parish register: Issabell Ffreer  buried 21 December 1662,  Episcopal Will of Isabel Freer alias Teare, where Isabel is listed in the Ballaugh parish 
register under her married surname, and her maiden surname is Teare per her Episcopal Will.  

(20) Ballaugh The last will and testamt: of Averick Quaile who depted this liffe the 24th of October 1662; first she comitted her soule to God and her bodie to Christian burial It: she bequeathed to the poore what her son Phillip thought fit to be distributed It: shee left all the crop of corne in the haggard unto her son Phillip and he to give her daughters Kathrin Margrett and Janie a fer: of corne and yf her son Jo: would worke a pcell of ground this yeare that her son Phillip should give him corne to sow it It: she left to her said son Phillip the tyth corne, and he to give his sister Kathrin for the same 22s; It: she left to her daughter Jonie 3s; It: to her daugh ter Margrett a carcheiffe; It: to her daughter Janie a carcheiffe and another to Jony and another to Ann Cowley; It: shee left to her son Jo: a sheet, & a blankett; all the rest of her lynyn and woolen she left to her daughter Kathrin; It: she left to her son Phillip all household necessaries except a chest and a barrell wch she left betwixt Jo: and Kathrine; It: she con= stituted and ordained her son John and her daughter Kathrin her true and lawfull execr: of all the rest of her goods moveable and unmoveable the executors sworne according to law Solvo tamen vincuig suo jure Testes Tho: Teare Tho Corlett jurati Invent prized by 4 sworne men viz Wm Corlett Phillip Cowley, Phillip Gawne and Phillip Quaile 7£ and 20s more in lynnyn and woolen to Kathrin Due dept to her ye said Averick from Joh McYrea... 16s - 0 from ffinlo Cannan .............................. 5 - 0 pledges secundan forman legis Phillip Curlet & Tho:Teere

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