Mally Lace als Radcliff, 1669

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Archdeacon Will 1669A #089 Andreas will of Mally Radcliffe alias Lace, died 10 November 1669:
Summary: husband John Radcliffe, son & heir John Radcliffe, dau Joney Radcliffe, dau Bahie, son Thomas Radcliffe, dau Margaret Radcliffe; brother 
Daniel Lace, sister Joney Lace, brother Jxxx[John] Lace, witnesses: Richard Brew & [brother] Thomas Lace, pledges: Michael Kelly & Philip Cowley.   
Will of husband: ArW 1678A #56 Andreas will of John Radcliffe senior, died 1 January 1678/9: wife is not mentioned, son John Radcliffe (sick, he died 13 
Feb 1678/9), son Thomas Radcliffe, dau Joney, dau Margaret, dau Bahie, son in law Philip Brew, William Radcliffe's wife, sister, also: William Sayle's 
wife of Ballaxxxxx, Henry Inch.
Husband: Andreas parish register: John Ratcliff buried 2 Jan 1678/9.
Son: Andreas parish register: John Ratcliff jun: buried 14 Feb 1678/9.
Will of son: ArW 1678A #55 Andreas will of John Radcliffe junior, died 13 Feb 1678/9: father [John] is dead, eldest son [?William] (not 21 years old yet), 
wife Isabel Kneale, daughter [Catharine], youngest child (son), brother in law Philip Brew (his daughter is to marry John's eldest son & heir), brother in 
law William Kneale, brother & overseer John Kneale, overseer (?uncle) William Radcliffe, sisters [Joney & Margaret & Bahie]; also Michael Kelly, widow 
Crebbin, Henry Inch, Ewan Christian of Cranstall, Captain [John] Sayle, James Radcliffe, Mr Deemster Christian.
Will of dau in law: EpW 1716 Andreas of Isabel Radcliffe alias Kneale, died 22 May 1716: son William, dau Catharine (died a week after Isabel, Catharine 
married Thomas Radcliffe), witnesses: Catharine Radcliffe als Key & Ellin/Nelly Kneen als Christian.  
Will of granddau: EpW 1716 Andreas of Catharine Radcliffe alias Radcliffe, died 31 May 1716: husband Thomas Radcliffe, children Thomas & John (both of age) 
& Catharine & William & David, nephew Thomas Radcliffe, mother Isabel Radcliffe alias Kneale (died a week earlier) also: Catharine Radcliffe alias Key, 
witnesses: Joney Kermode alias Brew & Alice Lace alias Brew.
Will of mother: ArW 1661A #040 Andreas will of Joney Lace alias Kelly, dated 28 November 1662: husband [John] Lace is not mentioned [died November 1656, 
ArW 1657A #20 Andreas], married children each left 6d, son Daniel not married; son Thomas not married; son William Lace not married, son John Lace junior; 
daughter Mally & her daughter; unmarried dau & executrix Elizabeth/Bessy Lace & unmarried dau & executrix Joney Lace, granddau Joney Lace; granddau Mally 
Lace; witnesses son in law John Radcliffe & Daniel Keneen & John Huddlestone pledges: John Radcliffe & Daniel Keneen.
Will of father: ArW 1657 #20 Andreas will of John Lace senior, of Ballasteen, Andreas, dated 10 November 1656: wife Joney Kelly is alive, son William, son 
Daniel, daus Joney & dau Elizabeth/Bessy, son John junior, brother Daniel Lace. 

Andreas This is affirmed to be the last will & testament of Ma[lly Lace]----[torn] alis Ratcliffe who depted this life the xth[10th] of November 1669 who first commited her soule to God, & her body to Christian buryall; ----[torn] she bequeathed to her husband John Ratcliffe halfe a cow. It: to my brother Donll Lace a fir: of barly; It: to Richard Brew 3 ----[torn] of wheat, It: to Tho: Lace 3 quarts of wheat; It: to my sister Jony Lace one carchiffe of Manske cloath. It: to my brother J---- [torn] Lace one ew of a yere old; It: to her daughter Jony one redd ----[torn] ticoate; It: to her daughter Bahee a coate of the cloath in ye walk milne; It: to her Tho: Ratcliffe a petticoat; It: to her s----[torn] John Ratcliffe the fourth pt of the crope of corne, one oxe, & & ordained her foure children vizt: Jony, Bahee, Margt, & Tho: Ratcliffe joynt executors of all the rest of her goods move able & unmoveable wtsoever Two of ye executors at lawfull yeeres & sworne in Court in forme of law supvisor of the children under yeeres & ye eldest son is yet to be sworne sup----[torn] Testes Richard Brew jurati Tho: Lace jurat Tho: Lace one of ye witnesses goeing out of ye Isle have taken his oath before me J Huddlestone probatum et solvit 1s The Invent wthin 14 days sub paena xs[10s] The Invent of the said testatrix priced by Michell Kelly, Phillip Cowley, Donll Sayle, & Tho: Lace, as followeth: Impr: 2 horses & cattle sheep & all things else { £ s d wtsoever moveable & unmoveable priced to {.... 5 - 2 - 6 It: a quarter of the crope of corne priced to ....... 2 - 0 - 0 All debts pd besides funerall charges, discharged remaines due to the children debtless ............... 3 - 10 - 0 The goods in the custody of the father who hath given pledges secunda forman legis Michall Kelly, Phillip Cowley

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