Mally Kewley alias Crellin 1669

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Date: 9 April 2021
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Archdeacon Will 1669A #053 German will of Mally Kewley alias Crellin, died 12 December 1669, intestate:
Summary: husband Patrick Kewley (still alive in May 1691), son Nicholas underage & dau Ann (of age by May 1691), brother: Richard Crellin, sister in law 
Joney Corrin (married xxxx Crellin, her will 1689A #109 German), pledges: Richard Clucas & John Crellin of Gneebe & Richard Quirk & John Crellin.
German parish register: Mally Crellin  buried 14 November 1669.
?Will of son: ArW 1685A #57 German will of Nicholas Kewley, buried 6 April 1686: wife is alive, dau Christian, son Patrick, son John in Ireland, brother 
in law Silvester Boddaugh/Boyde, witnesses: Samuel Wattleworth & William Craine, pledges: Patrick Kewley & John Lewney.
Will of sister in law: ArW 1689A #109 German will of Joney Crellin alias Corrin, died March 1689/90: husband xxxx Crellin is alive, son John Crellin, 
eldest son Philip, grandson Nicholas Kewley (mother is dead by December 1690), dau Alice, dau Margaret, witnesses: John Shimmin & Phinlo Shimmin, pledges: 
Philip Cross & Phinlo Shimmin.
?Relation (son John is mentioned in Mally's will): ArW 1668A #50 German will of Thomas Crellin of Kerrooglass in Alia Gnebe treen, died 18 April 1669: wife 
[Christian Clucas] is not mentioned [died February 1669/70, ArW 1669A #050 German], son & heir John (of age [married to Isabel Cross]), son Richard, son 
Thomas, son William, son Henry (of age), dau Catharine, witnesses: James Cowle & William Kewley, pledges: William Kewley & Thomas Gell. NOTE, that all the 
children match up perfectly with those in the will of Christian Clucas, which is unusual with so many children, confirming that Thomas Crellin and Christian 
Clucas were married.

Mally Crellin depted this life about ye 12th of December 1669 intestat wherof the Church having intelligence hath decreed her 2 children Nich: Ann Kewley Adminirs: of all her goods movable & unmovable, ye next of Kinread on the mothers side supvisors who are sworn in Cort, and a Legacie to ye husband upon sight of ye Inventory who is sworn that hee will conceale no pt of the goods Salvo tamen vincuig decretum et solvit 2s 6d suo jure The Invent: of Mally Crellin priced by 4 sworne men amounting to.. 8£ - 9s - 6d More aded by the husband & Supvisor .............................. 0 - 7 - 0 halfe ye riding horsse ordered a Legasie to ye husband: but ye said husband & ye childrens Supvisor have agreed to give him xs[10s] Legasie & ye horse to be cancelled: The goods in the husband custody & have given pledges secunda forman legis: Ricd Clucas & Jo: Crellin in Gneebe The goods of one of ye children being in ye custody of Ricd: Crellin have given pledge secunda forman legis Ricd: Quirke & Jo: Crellin Some differences ariseinge betwixt Joney Corrin & Patric Kewly touch the halfe horse ordered by Court to be a Legasie to ye husband: she objecting yt the legasie to be two large said as fa---barth[?]: Jony Corrin said in my hearing & ye sumary others yt ye testatrix husband had brought frind in ye Court J Huddleston This aspercione being laide upon ye Court she is therefore ordered to make one Sundays pennance in plaena ecclesia & acknowledge her error May 21st 1691: Ann Kewley one of ye Admyter of her mother Mally Crellin came this day & acknowledged herself to be fully satisfied & pd all her pt of goods due to her by ye death of her mother from ye hands of her father Patr: Kewley As witnesse her mrk Ann Kewley X before me S: Watleworth Regr:

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