William Kelley, 1680

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Summary: wife is alive, son William (underage, to be put to a trade), dau Joney ( married Michael Cross), dau Jane (married William Cowley, they had children), 
dau Ann (married xxxx Quayle, dau Mary or Margaret), dau Margaret, overseer of son: Thomas Kinread; also: John Lewin of Braddan, Henry Kelly entered a claim 
?daughter: Jane Cowley alias Kelly  Episcopal Will 1733-1 Ballaugh
dau: Ballaugh parish register: Joney Cross wife of Mich: Cross  buried 17 December 1724
will of dau: ArW 1724A #142 Michael of Joney Cross alias Kelly: husband Michael Cross (dead by Sept 1726, no will except for Joney's), son John (md Jane Cannell), 
dau Catharine, dau Margaret, son William, son Michael, grandkids Michael & Mally Caine, son in law? John Caine
son in law: Ballaugh parish register:  Mich Cross  buried 18 Dec 1725
will of dau: ArW 1684A #080 Ballaugh will of Ann Quayle alias Kelly, died 14 March 1684/5: husband is alive & they had 4 children together, son Phlip, son William 
(underage) also: Catharine Quayle, Margaret Garrett, witnesses: Thomas Crenilt & John Killip, pledges: brother in law William Cowley & brother in law Michael Cross 
mother in law of dau Jane: ArW 1683A #14 Ballaugh will of Marriad Cowley alias Caine, died 13 November 1683: husband xxxx Cowley is alive, son William Cowley, 2 
grandchildren, also employer Mr William Corlett & his son William & his daughter & his daughter in law; witnesses: John Corlett & John Quayle, pledges: Thomas Corlett 
& Thomas Kermeen or Kermode

Ballaugh 1680 27 The last will and testament of William Kelley who departed this life ye 12th of December 1680. first he bequeathed his Soule to Almightie god and his body to Christian buriall. Item to be bestowed at his funerall five shillings worth of drinke wth what drinke was in his house at ye same time. Item to his Sonn a Coult and halfe a Calfe wch Mich: Cross had in his custody; wth all ye lands he had then in his posses= =sion as well his owne halfe as the wives halfe, to wch his wife then gave her consent and complyance that he should have ye same after her owne decease wth ye whole crop of Corne then upon ye Ground, provided yt she migh have the whole crop and whole Lands during her naturall life; And if ye sd Son William died issueless that then the ground should fall due & of right belong to his daughter Jane and her husband Wm Cowley and their issue, they paying to Joney Cross als Kelly & Ann Quayle als Kelly, the sum of three pounds 10s sterling thus; to Joney Cross fortie sterlings and a noble, and to Ann Quayle ye remainder vid: one pound three shiling and four pence; Item he left to his Son in Law Mich: Cross a browne Cow for what is due to him of his portion unpaid Item he declared that his Son in Law Wm Cowley was un= =satisfied seven pounds: ten shillings of his portion and appointed these parti= =culars following for ye payment of ye same vid: 4 steers mairs and twentie shillings yt was due from Jo: Lewine in Kk Braddan and thirtie shillings that is in a mortgage of Ground calld Close Henry; wth 20s more the executors are to raise out of ye corn now in ye haggard. Item he left to his granddaughter Mar: Quayle an yearling or an ewe; Item he apointed Tho: Kinred overseer of his son Wm and he ye sd Tho: tohave halfe a Crowne legasey Lastly he constituted and ordained his sd Son William and Mar: his daughter his true and lawfull executrs of all ye rest of his goods moveable & immoveable; he further declared yt it was his will yt his son should be put to a trade and that he should not have his goods to waste at his pleasure. Testes John Lownie } Phinlo Carrett} Jurati Probatum est et solvit xijd The wife hath in Court given her consent to the Will accordinge as is therein expressed Margaret is sworn in Court in forme of Law and to oversee the other Exer: under age Novr: ye 11th 1681: Hen Kelly entrs his claim agt ye Execr: of Wm Kelley for ye summ of 16s 3d due debt & craveth tryall [next page] the Inventory of ye within Wm Kelley prised by ye Sumnr: and 4 sworn men vid: Ed Cowle Sumner, and Tho: Bodaugh, Wm Cowley, Wm S-----[fold] & Tho: Stean prisers The deceadents parte of Catle prised to .............. 04 - 13 - 00 The deceadent parte of linen & woolen ................ 00 - 06 - 00 Item his parte of a maire ............................ 00 - 06 - 00 Item Barrells & othre smale vessells 4s, flax, hemp,} yearne and woole 1s-8d, dj 2 cars & a lader 1s } 00 - 06 - 08 Halfe a pott 6d, halfe 2 wheels 6d, dj spit 6d } and halfe a chest .........................}...... 00 - 02 - 06 The goods in the hands of ye eldest daughter and the mother jointly and hath given pledges in forme of law Thomas Cowley and -----[fold] Clearke

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