Catherine Christian 1684

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Archdeacon Will 1684A #031 Andreas will of Catharine Christian alias xxxx, died January 1684/5, will per Articles of Marriage [?date about 1680] 
between her daughter Ann Christian and Henry Christian, son of Daniel Christian & Ann Bittle:  
Summary: husband [Michael] Christian is not mentioned, dau Ann Christian alias Christian, son in law Henry Christian (his father Daniel Christian), witnesses 
to Articles of Marraige: Robert Christian, Mullenex Bittle, Richard Lawson, Philip Camaish (dead by February 1684/5).
        witness: Mullenex Bittle is the brother of Ann Christian alias Bittle.
        witness: Andreas parish register:  Philip Camaish buried 15 November 1684.
Andreas parish register:  Cathrine Christian buried 15 January 1684/5.
?Husband: Andreas parish register:  Mich: Christian buried 24 July 1676  Episcopal will.
See 1697 Liber Vastarum, Andreas Parish: Michael Christian had land with a yearly rent of 7s 7 1/2d in Ballaruigg treen, & 
his daughter Ann Christian was his heir, she & her husband had sold land with 8d rent to Jane Lawson & Edward Lawson.
Mother of son in law Henry Christian: ArW 1698 #17 Andreas will of Ann 'Nelly' Christian alias Bittle: bur 5 Nov 1698: husband Daniel Christian; dau Ellin/Nelly, dau 
Mally; dau Isabel Camaish; dau in law Joney Kenneen; also: Bahee McNameer; Dxxx Lawson's wife Bahee Kewn; son Henry/Harry Christian; son John Christian; Stephen Kneen.
Mother of witness Mullenex: ArW 1663A #017 Jurby will of Averick Bittle als Daugherty, died 18 April 1664: husband 
Thomas Bittle (dead), dau Bahie Bittle, dau Catharine, dau Margaret, dau Margery, son Mullenex, dau Ann. 
   Father of witness Mullenex: ArW 1660A #26 Jurby will of Thomas Bittell, died 29 October 1659: wife Averick Daugherty, 
   grandson Thomas Sayle (parents Ellin/Nelly Bittle & Captain John Sayle of the Craig, Andreas). 
   Sister of witness Mullenex: ArW 1678A #64 Andreas will of Margery Sayle alias Bittle, died 8 Dec 1678: husband Daniel/Dollin Sayle, underage children, 
   also: William Sayle, Bahie Sayle, brother in law Captain John Sayle (md Ellin Bittle, dau Margery), sister Margaret Bittle (has a child), sister Ann Bittle. 
   Andreas parish register:  Margery Bittle married Dollin Sayle on 17 December 1672, in Andreas.
NOTE: The old Typed Index indicates this is the will of Ann and Daniel Christian, but the defuncts listing 
the deaths for this time indicates this is the will of Catharine Christian, who was the mother of Ann.

Andreas Articles of marriage agreed upon betwixt Dan: Christian in behalf of his son Henry Christian on ye one pty and Katherine Christian in behalf of hir daughter Ann Christian all of ye pish of KK Andrews on ye othr pty as followeth first it is agreed & concluded upon that ye sd Henry & Ann shall enter into ye holy estate of matrimony at or before ye first day of May next if God pmitt & holy Church allow therof secondly in Consideration of the sd Marrige the sd Dan: Christian doth promise & bon himself wth the Consent of his wife to pay or cause to be paid to his sd son Henry the sum of forty shillgs: sterlin to be paid & satisfyed in mony & mony worth at or before the end of three years next after ye date therof thirdly ye sd Catharin doth in Considracon of her mantanance dureing her maturall life give unto ye sd young cowple all her right & interest in her lands housses & cropp of corn alwayes pvied that if they the sd young Cowple doe faile in the pformance of mantaining her wth all necessaryes dureing her life yt then she is at lyberty to receive & seize upon all that now belongs unto her again for her own use & after her decease to return to ym or the Issue begotten of them in pformance of wch yey bind ymselves eithr to othr in penalty of ten pounds sterling in the nature of all othr fines, as wittness their mrks Dan: Xtian X witnesses Ann Christian als Bittle Robt: Xtian Mullenex Bittle Catherine Xtian Hen: Christian X Rich: Lawson Philip Camaish her mrk X An Christian X [next page] ------- feb: the 17th 1684/5 the wthin named Robert Christian and Richard Lawson (Mullinex Bittle absent and Phillipe Camaish dead) have deposed the wthin Contract to be true in ever prticular as wthin written before me Edw: Christian This Contract is accepted of & Henry Christian sworne to bring in a perfect Inventory (according to Law) of his mothers in Law goods & to pay all debts & ye office to secure for wch he hath given pledges Willm: Saile & Stephen Kneene Solvit 6d

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