Ellin Harrison 1687

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Date: 2 January 2019
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Archdeacon Will 1687A #12 Arbory will of Ellin Harrison, Deed of Gift made 4 January 1675/6, accepted as a will in 1687:  
Summary: nephew George Harrison of The Hill, Colby, sisters [sister Jane died 1654, married xxxx Harrison; sister Ann married William Maddrell, 
also: brother William who died 1660 & married Catharine Tyldesley & their eldest son George, brother John], witnesses: Jane Banks & Henry Moore.
ArWill 1687 defuncts Arbory: Ellin / Nelly Harrison was dead by 15 June 1687 Arbory, made a will, per 1687 defuncts Arbory.
Will of sister: ArW 1654A #17 German will of Jane Cowle alias Harrison, dated 18 May 1654: eldest son Nicholas Cowle, 
youngest son James, brother William Harrison (his son George Harrison). 
Will of brother: EpW 1660E Arbory will of William Harrison, died about 1660: wife [Catharine Tyldesley] is alive [remarried to Sir John Crellin in 1662, died 1686, 
ArW 1687A #13 Arbory], eldest son George, dau Joney, dau Mary, brother John Harrison, brother in law Mr Richard Tyldesley, witnesses: William Tyldesley & John Quillin.
   Will of sister in law: ArW 1687A #13 Arbory will of Catharine Crellin alias Harrison alias Tyldesley, dated 24 November 1686: 1st husband William Harrison 
   (EpW 1660E Arbory), 2nd husband Sir John Crellin (EpW 1670E #031 Arbory), dau Mary Harrison, son Thomas Crellin, dau Alice Crellin, dau Joney Harrison, son 
   George Harrison, also: Sir Thomas Parre, Mr David Murrey senior of Douglas, Ellin/Nelly Clague, widow Craine of the Burne at St John's Chapel; witnesses: 
   Philip Leece/Lees & Samuel Robinson;  also Jahn Maddrell & his wife.
Will of  brother: ArW 1670A #042 Arbory will of John Harrison of the Hill, Arbory, dated 7 April 1670: brother William (has a son, also dau Joney & 
dau Mary), brother in law William Gawn of Rowany, Rushen, sister Ann (married to William Maddrell), sister Ellin unmarried, mother is still alive.

This prsent writing wittness----- ------[dark] parish of K Arbory for ----- good ------[dark] specially in consideration of ye nature -------[dark] doe bear unto my Loving nephew George Harrison of ----[dark] hill in ye said parish Hath by these prets made & -----[dark] constituted and ap---- ---- of Deed of Gift -----abl ----[dark] the said George to be Executor of all the goods moveable & imoveable of wt kinde or nature soever there bee wch I shall be possessed of at ye Day of my death or wch shall in any ----[dark] be due unto me; And doe for better assurance therof unto him cutt of and debarr my sisters or any other friend that might callenge any parts therof by leavinge them ----[dark] pence legacy a peece wch my said Exr: is to pay them ---[dark] they --- neither of them shall not h-----[dark] tot tytle ordaine any of my said goods leave[?] Legacy ----[dark] afforesd:, but clearly debarred thereof and of ---- pa----[dark] thereof by these prsents: And further that ye said George is to have all my goods in his possession and not be taken from him whiles he giveth me good usage, or while he please to mantaine me for ye use and benefitt of ye [dark] And to wittness this not only to be in deed of gift ----[dark] ---able but to be in ye nature of my last will and testam----[dark] never to be revoked by an seacund other will or deed I have hereunto sett my marke this 4th day of Jan----[dark] 1675/6 Ellin Harrison her ----[dark] signed and declared in ye prsence of my Joannes: Bankes Hen: Moore his mrke X [written sideways:] ye Ffeb: 1676/7 ---- ----- above Ellinr Harrison ye subscriber came before ----- ------ ------ ---- the -------- and deed of gift to be her ---- ----[dark edge] ----- ------

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